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​Import and Distribution of

Fine Swiss Watches


We are very interested in representations of brands with contemporary design, distinctive USP’s and a good price-performance ratio in the medium price range.
Currently we are specifically looking for one or two «Manufacture»-brands with distinct products in the price range up to CHF 150K. 

​​​​​Preciluxe at the service of Swiss Watch Companies
Japan with its long history and culture is In many ways still different, the Japanese watch retailers have learned to completely embrace direct, fast communication and close relations with the manufacturers. The large groups have long since established their own subsidiaries manned with local staff to provide the comprehensive service expected by tradition.

Where does this leave the medium and small brands?
With most of the former distributors gone because of having added too heavily on the margins, most brands try to compensate the lack of an own infrastructure by frequent and costly travel, which can help to cover the initial entry but is costly and inefficient on longer term.

This is where Preciluxe can offer a cost-efficient alternative to provide the same quality of service to the dealers, speaking their language, observing the many-, often hidden rules, culture and mentality, by being your constantly present «local eyes, ears and hands».
With my 20 years of living in Switzerland, our clients and partners find my ability to "think Swiss" and to express myself clearly in plain English (–and if necessary in French and German–) 
often as very beneficial; but even more useful is my ability to communicate with them on the same professional level that I have reached by managing a Swiss watch company for many years.  

Your link toward closer relations with your customers.

Low fix-cost
To represent you, we will require a monthly retainer according the extend of Preciluxe’s services. It covers all the additional work and support that your own infrastructure normally provides to regular sales representative in Europe, but is not available in Japan.

Sales acquisition
Preciluxe is well acquainted with dealers we will consult you regarding the best-suited and most efficient strategy. Choosing Preciluxe as you representative opens doors in Japan. Our Incentive-based sales-Commission is in line with industry standards. 

We arrange translations of printed and electronic communications, presentations, manuals, etc. For the purpose of PR and campaigns, Preciluxe maintains good relation with specialised media and advertising agencies.   

Full attendance of your shipments
Most Japanese retailers expect to receive your deliveries at their doors with customs-procedures, duties and taxes already settled; we cooperate with your forwarder to supply all local documentations and invoicing needed and deliver your packages to the store, where we take care of the optimal presentation of your product.

We survey and control payments, arrange for servicing returns, complaints and even for a local watch-repair facility, if required.    
For a reliable and safe cost- and price calculation, you know what you get and what you pay for.